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UPDATE: a Russian translation is in the works!

UPDATE: version 1.0.3 is out! Some readers unsurprisingly spotted typos and bad grammar and were so kind to submit fixes.

I'm excited to announce that the success of the post on clean architectures encouraged me to expand the subject and to write a book that I titled "Clean Architectures in Python. A practical approach to better software design".

The book contains a complete introduction to TDD and clean architectures, two topics that I believe are strictly interconnected. The book is 170 pages long and it is complete, at least for a first edition, but I am already planning to add content that could not fit in this release for several reasons (mostly because still unclear in my mind).


The book is available for free on Leanpub. If you enjoy it, please tweet about it with the #pycabook hashtag.

So far more than 3,100 readers downloaded the book. Thank you all!

The book will soon be translated into Russian by Алексей Пыльцын (Alexey Pyltsyn), who already worked on the translation of technical books like "The Majesty of Vue.js 2" and "The Road to learn React".

Alexey is a web developer and maintainer of the official PHP documentation in Russian. His website is https://lex111.ru/.


If you are interested you can show you support on the Leanpub page