The Digital Cat Youtube channel just launched!

The channel will host workshops and tutorial on Python and other languages, on operating systems, cryptography, and other topics that you can find here on this blog. I just finished recording the first part of my workshop "TDD in Python with pytest", which was successfully presented at PyCon UK, PyCon IT, PyCon Ireland, EuroPython and PyLadies London, and the 4 videos are already available on the channel.

Youtube Channel banner

You can subscribe to the channel at this link

I appreciate that many people struggle to follow a long post or a tutorial and prefer to see how someone works and hear a voice explaining the steps. Well, I'm not sure if they will like hearing my voice, but this channel is the attempts to reach that type of audience. These are my first videos, so the production is not at its best, but I hope I will improve it in the future.

I hope you will find them useful, feel free to post comments under the videos if you have suggestions, if you need clarifications, or just to say that you enjoyed them. Thanks!