Punch - Update your version while having a drink

So you completed your wonderful new project, all your test are successful (you test code, don't you?) and you just want to ship the new version and call it a day. Well, you just have to go and change the version number in your install script and save. Oh, right, you also have to open a feature branch, so that you may record the version update in your Git history. Well, easily done. Damn! You forgot to change the version number in the README.md file...

Managing the version number of a project is not easy. Not only you need to think about the versioning scheme and what part of the version to increase (see this post for some tips on this matter), but you also need to remember in which files you put the actual version number, and, depending on your workflow, to correctly manage the version control system commits.

Punch is a small tool that aims to simplify the latter parts, that is ... more

Versioning - An underrated discipline


Everyone uses a computer has to deal in their everyday life with software version numbers, and even who deals with computers just as bare user shall sooner or later introduce the word version in their speech. Alas, this made it one of those concepts so pervading that it is now taken for granted, and this is so widespread that even professionals often forget or do not even know the complexity of the matter behind. This article is an attempt to shine a light on this topic.

This post started as a collection of some thoughts that aimed to summarize the experience collected by me in 10 years of software development. As usual, short sentences proved to be too short and became long sentences, then paragraphs, and the short list was already a long article. However, despite the length my analysis does not claim to be either complete or exact.

It simply represents an attempt to introduce the reader to the complexity of a matter which is always relevant in the software ... more